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Video: Dr Sada Mire on digital preservation of Somali heritage - November 2011

Presentation at the Edinburgh conference "I know where I am going": Remote Access to World Heritage Site, From St. Kilda to Uluru, 23-24th of November 2011.

Multi-cultural Somalia

  • Barawa, weaving, 1968 (Photo: N. Chittick Courtesy of BIEA)
  • Mirhab of the Jama Mosque, 1968 (Photo: N. Chittick, Courtesy of BIEA)
  • Arcade in forecourt of mosque of Fakhru-Din (Photo: N. Chittick, Courtesy of BIEA)
  • House with doorway (Photo: N. Chittick, Courtesy of BIEA)
  • Statue of Sayyid Muhammed Abdulah Hassan in construction (Photo: N. Chittick, Courtesy of BIEA)
  • Minaret of the Mosque of Abd al-Aziz (Photo: N. Chittick, Courtesy of BIEA)
  • Minaret of Jami' Mosque (Photo: N. Chittick, Courtesy of BIEA)
  • Minaret of Mosque of Abubakar Siddik (Photo: N. Chittick, Courtesy of BIEA)

See the CNN Video 'An archaeologist discovers herself' - 2011

View the video here, or visit the CNN/ Magma page:

The video tells the story of how Sada Mire fled Somalia and educated herself in the UK.


Sada gave a TEDtalk on 'We need Culture in times of War' - November 2011

Visit the TED salon page here:, or click on the logo to go directly to the TED webpage.


Sada and her work make the BBC homepage - September 2011

Sada Mire's work on uncovering, rescuing, and sharing Somali cultural heritage made the BBC homepage today (21/09/2011).

The full article can be read here:, or click on the image to go directly to the BBC webpage.

Rock Art at Dhambalin, Togdheer region
Rock Art at Dhambalin, Togdheer region
Rock Art at Laas Geel, near Hargeysa
Rock Art at Laas Geel, near Hargeysa


BBC World Service Interview August/September 2011

The BBC World Service programme 'Outlook'interviewed Sada Mire on Monday August 15, 2011. The interview was broadcast on Wednesday September 14:

In the broadcast, Sada relates how she was forced to flee her native Somalia as a child, and how she has now returned as an archaeologist to try and preserve what's left of her country's physical history.

(opens the BBC radio iPlayer in your browser, duration ca 26 minutes)

About this website

Somali heritage is a website that aims to raise world-wide awareness about Somali cultural heritage and pre-history. It presents the extensive research, preservation and capacity building work carried out by Dr Sada Mire, an archaeologist and heritage worker. Somalis possess a rich cultural heritage and pre-history. However, until Sada Mire’s work very little research had been carried out in these areas and Somali cultural heritage has suffered great neglect. The website aims to provide unique information about the current status of Somali cultural heritage in all the Somali territories. In the near future, it will also inform about heritage, belonging and identity within the Somali Diaspora.

Our cultural heritage should be a human right. Somali heritage should be researched, preserved and protected in order to develop the quality of life of people. In this spirit, Sada helped establish a Department of Antiquities for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Somaliland. The main objectives of the website are to:
  • Present the current reconstruction work of Somaliland cultural resources carried out by Sada Mire with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and with the Department of Antiquities
  • Inform about current heritage projects and developments
  • Raise awareness about the importance of the preservation of the heritage of the Horn of Africa and that of the Somali people
  • Inform about the endangered Somali cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible
  • Disseminate information about research into archaeology and cultural heritage

Dear visitor, please note that is a website in development, and that content can (and will) change and expand at short notice.

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